Britney Spears Goes On Instagram Dancing Video Spree

Britney Spears has been posting a lot of dancing videos on Instagram lately.

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Britney Spears Goes On Instagram Dancing Video Spree

It's been around 18 months since the long-standing conservatorship of Britney Spears was lifted. Since then, the 41-year-old pop star has been in and out of the media spotlight. To keep things within 2023, police responded to a prank call placed by fans in January. Later that same month, Page Six claimed Spears had a manic episode at a restaurant before a TMZ video showed that to be untrue. Most recently, her family reportedly planned to stage an intervention for Spears over recent concerning behavior.

Spears has become something of an Instagram iconic ever since gaining access to social media. She has posted dropped nudes while vacationing in Mexico but her latest thing is dance videos. Since the start of April, Spears has uploaded numerous videos of her dancing in her house and at hotels. However, the videos are allegedly starting to elicit some debate amongst her fans.

Britney's Dancing Allegedly Worries Fans

Spears' last five Instagram posts are all videos of Britney dancing to various songs in various outfits. The earliest video was posted four days ago. A report from the Daily Mail suggests that fans are becoming concerned with the content, quoting tweets that read "Okay, Britney Spears genuinely needs help" and "I’m genuinely concerned about Britney Spears". The tweets in question have a combined six likes and appear cherry-picked by the Daily Mail as the two accounts have a combined ~800 followers. Neither tweet immediately appears in searches for "Britney Spears" or "Britney Spears Dancing".

However, an alternate point of view comes from a report from Marca. While the Daily Mail does note that Spears said on Monday she had "filmed eight dancing videos today", the Mail leaves out the rest of the quote. "I did 8 videos yesterday!!! I was excited because I haven't danced in forever!!!" Spears' full quote reads. So what's the story here - does Britney need help? Or is this an excitable woman making some dance videos? It's easy to speculate given Spears' past and the rest reports about a family intervention. Furthermore, it would be fair to let the woman live a little given she has been the subject of media scrutiny for most of her life. If there is a bigger story beyond dancing videos, HotNewHipHop will be here to break it down for you.


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