Rap Beefs That Have Ended: Meek Mill, Drake, Jay-Z & More

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Hip hop has seen many legendary beefs between rappers. Here is a list of rappers who have ended their beef.

Rap beefs have always been a significant conversation starter in hip hop culture. The causes and seriousness of rap beefs can differ depending on the situation. The nature of the tension arrives in the form of diss tracks, social media disses, or real-life altercations. Many of the high-profile feuds between rappers have ended, leading to reconciliation or artists making a song together.

This is a list of rap beefs that have ended. The nature of each of these situations is drastically different as some were shortly-lived compared to others which took longer to conclude. Some feuds between rappers resulted in more diss tracks, while others were real-life disagreements. These now-over beefs are not listed in any particular order. Take a look at the list below.

JAY-Z & Nas

One of hip hop’s most famous rap beefs is the one between JAY-Z and Nas. Their history runs deep as Jay sampled Nas’s voice for “Dead Presidents II” in 1996. JAY-Z dissed Nas on the track “Takeover” in 2001, which led to Nas releasing the legendary “Ether.” Both of these songs, as well as Jay’s “Super Ugly” response track, were so disrespectful that the winner of their beef is still disputed to this day. Their beef officially ended in 2005 when they performed together in New Jersey. They even joke with each other about their once-serious feud. Since their beef ended, JAY-Z and Nas have collaborated on several tracks, including “Success,” “Black Republicans,” “BBC,” and “Sorry Not Sorry.” Jay also brought out Nas during his B-Sides concert.

Drake & Meek Mill

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill started in 2015 following the release of their song “R.I.C.O.” They had also previously worked together on “Amen” in 2012. In 2015, Meek Mill made the accusation that Drake did not write his own lyrics. This led to the leak of reference tracks of Drake songs performed by Quentin Miller. Drake first hit back with “Charged Up” and then immediately struck Meek with “Back To Back,” with fans declaring Drake the winner upon impact. Meek released a diss that was not well received, which led to another round of sneak disses. The two ended their beef in 2018 and released their collaborative hit single, “Going Bad.”

Chip & Bugzy Malone

Chip and Bugzy Malone’s beef has to hold some sort of record for most diss tracks in one rivalry. The beef started in 2015 via radio freestyles, which escalated to a whopping total of 14 diss tracks between the two. They would out-disrespect each other by filming videos in each other’s hometowns and releasing flagrant disses. While neither of them backed down from a challenge, it was Chip who was the most relentless and warned the scene that he “can’t run out of bars.” It solidified Chip as one of the best in the Grime scene. The beef between Bugzy Malone and Chip officially ended years later in 2021 when the two posed together on Instagram and lent features to each other’s albums. Chip appeared on Bugzy’s “Notorious,” while Bugzy featured on Chip’s “Grown Flex.” Their beef was a legendary time in grime and UK rap culture.

Westside Gunn & Mach-Hommy

In 2016, Griselda was a unified front consisting of members Westside Gunn, Conway, and Mach-Hommy. They released the Don’t Get Scared Now EP that year, while Mach also appeared on Westside’s classic debut, Flygod. The origins of their disagreements are quite vague, but Mach-Hommy ended up splitting off from Griselda around 2017 following their song “Macho On Coke.” Mach built a prolific career alongside Tha God Fahim and Your Old Droog, while Westside Gunn grew the Griselda brand and audience exponentially during the following years.

There were few exchanges between the two in the music or on social media besides Westside’s jab at Mach and Fahim on 2018’s “Easter Gunday 3.” The two eventually reconciled in 2021. Westside Gunn ended up executive producing Mach-Hommy’s Pray For Haiti album, which was released under the Griselda Records label. Mach also featured on Westside’s Hitler Wears Hermes 8 album.

Logic & Joyner Lucas

The beef between Logic and Joyner Lucas started in 2016 when they both appeared on Tech N9ne’s “Sriracha,” and Logic did not perform the expected chopper flow. Joyner expressed frustration towards Logic’s titling of his “1-800-273-8255” song about suicide. He alleged that Logic had copied his 508-507-2209 album title, which also had a song about suicide. The beef was primarily one-sided until Logic subliminally addressed Joyner on “Yuck” in 2018. The two reconciled in 2019 when Logic featured on Joyner’s song “Isis.”

Gucci Mane & Jeezy

Perhaps hip hop's most vicious beef, the situation between Gucci Mane and Jeezy was quite serious. Originating back to their hit collaboration, 2005's "Icy," the beef escalated both in musical form and real life. Diss tracks were released, bounties were placed on each other, chains were snatched, and Gucci even killed one of Jeezy's affiliates. Gucci Mane's "Truth" diss track remains among hip hop's meanest disses. The feud was one of the most severe and long-standing rap beefs. They attempted to squash their beef multiple times but officially buried the hatchet during their 2020 Verzuz battle, performing "Icy" together. They have also toured together since.

Freddie Gibbs & Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs started his career under Jeezy’s CTE label and had a falling out before Freddie went independent and started building his momentum. Since then, Freddie had voiced his beef with Jeezy quite directly on the 2014 song “Real,” one of hip hop’s most cutthroat diss tracks ever. Freddie addressed the beef primarily as he continued to diss Jeezy publicly during the following years. They squashed their beef last year when they ran into each other at an airport. Freddie also apologized to Jeezy and showed his gratitude on the song “Rabbit Vision.”

Cam'ron & Mase

Cam’ron and Mase have had a complicated relationship. The two were childhood friends and worked together in their rap careers. They were in a group called Children of the Corn together, and they featured on each other’s tracks when they achieved mainstream success. Since 1999, Cam’ron and Mase beefed with each other publicly, inside and outside of music. Their beef peaked in 2017 when they exchanged diss tracks towards each other. Since then, Mase and Cam’ron have reconciled, and together, they host a sports talk show called It is What It is. They even recently appeared on a song together with Jadakiss.

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