Nearly a decade after falling out, it appears that Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy made amends.

The Gary, IN native recently sat down with Bootleg Kev for a new interview where he revealed that he finally squashed his feud with Youg Jeezy. The rapper explained that he ran into Sno at an airport recently where they finally ended their feud face-to-face.

“I seen Jeezy at the airport with his wife. I was with my girl. We shook hands and hugged and was just like, ‘Man, salute.’ It was just, like, ‘Damn.’ It was a relief for both of us, I feel like,” the $$$ rapper explained.

ATLANTA, GA – JULY 29: Young Jeezy, Freddy Gibbs, J Dubb, Slick Pulla, Guest and Bu Rossini attend the sweet 16 birthday party for Young Jeezy’s son Jadarius Jenkins on July 29, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Though it might not be likely that we’ll hear the two collaborate in the immediate future, Gibbs revealed that they exchanged contact information and boarded their respective flights.

“It was one of the most beautiful things ever, I think. I been put it behind me, but I had to, like, see him. And then when you look back, man, it wasn’t really nothing. That was fucking a music disagreement,” Gibbs said. He added that Jeezy was his favorite rapper at one point, who gave him he learned invaluable lessons during his stint with CTE. “I learned how to really carry myself in this rap game by being around him. So I think that was just a misunderstanding, a miscommunication,” he added.

Though Gibbs might have feuds with other rappers in hip-hop that have turned violent, he admits that his issues with Jeezy were comparatively tame. The root of their problem, he explained, was their poor communication that often bled into interviews.

“I take the blame for that ’cause I should have just sat tight and let my work speak for itself instead of speaking on it publicly at all,” he continued. However, Gibbs also said he would get annoyed by the public discourse that surrounded their falling out.

“I think what really set me off is when they asked him about me publicly. I wish he would have just deflected that,” he said. “But then I took that shit too far. I look at that situation as another learning experience. That was something that I needed in my career. I needed that opposition, so to speak.”

The revelation of their feud ending comes days after Gibbs addressed their feud on “Rabbit Vision.”

“Me and Jeezy still ain’t spoke in years, but I got love for him/ Could’ve talked it out, but I spoke out, I let it get to me/ Showed me I could be a fuckin’ boss, best thing he did for me / I needed to grow, too immature, it’s shit I needed to know,” Gibbs raps