SZA Says This Pisses Her Off About Her Album

SZA airs all her grievances about her albums.

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SZA Says This Pisses Her Off About Her Album

SZA has been having quite a time since the release of her sophomore album SOS. She's been soaking up all the success of her tape reaching No.1 along with her single "Kill Bill." Both have charted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100s. Furthermore, the TDE singer earned her No. 1s in 2022 next to Queen Bey who also received a No. 1 album with RENAISSANCE. Although SZA's been enjoying the fruits of her labor and all of her success. She's been vocal about her likes and dislikes about the album. Later she took to Twitter to air a few of her grievances.

On Twitter she tweeted out a few of her favorite songs from the project. "snooze, love language, kill bill, nobody gets me, ex pack, blind , good days , gone girl, I hate u, F2F, low , seek and destroy, ghost , Sos , used. Personal picks," SZA tweeted. Not only that she also added one more song to her list of picks, "Forgiveless" featuring the late ODB. However, the "Gone Girl" singer also tweeted that there were some things that "pissed" her off about the new album.

SZA Can't Stand This About Her Albums

Despite all her commercial success with both of her albums, SZA can't stand the mixes. "I still listen to my albums and get pissed off at the mixes," tweeted the singer. Now, when it comes to being critical of one's work, SZA is among a large number of artists who criticize their past and current works. Even Kendrick Lamar cringes at his old music. Imagine being arguably one of the best rappers to touch a mic and cringe at a masterpiece like To Pimp A Butterfly?

Despite her dislike, CTRL was praised highly upon her release. Not only that the record catapulted the R&B star into stardom with an album that many would argue is a certified classic. SZA even refers to her earlier project Z and how all of her albums haven't fully met her standards before being released. However, two out of the three tapes have placed her into the mainstream fold. Not only that, SOS has spent its 16-consecutive week on top of the charts. She broke Mary J Blige's record of 15 weeks with her song, "Be Without You." What do you think about the mixes on SZA's albums? Let us know in the comments below! took to twitter to air her distaste for one aspect about her discography


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