6ix9ine Lashes Out At Billboard Amid Merch Album Sales Reinstatement: “Anything Just To Not See Me Win”

Earlier this week, Billboard confirmed their plans to combine a limited number of “fan packs” and merch bundles with the Top 200’s physical album sales.

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6ix9ine Lashes Out At Billboard Amid Merch Album Sales Reinstatement: “Anything Just To Not See Me Win”

Some ops at the gym certainly got the better of him earlier this year, but 6ix9ine managed to make a triumphant comeback thanks to singles like "WAPAE" and "Y Ahora" last month. Seeing as his embattled reputation obviously precedes him in the U.S., the lyricist has been tapping into the Spanish music market, where he's found major success working with various collaborators. While he's been celebrating the major victories coming along with that on social media, 6ix9ine also didn't hesitate to use his platform to call out Billboard over a recent rule change that isn't sitting right with him.

"Billboard to count limited fan packs/merch bundles with physical albums towards Billboard 200 chart starting June 30th," a tweet from @chartdata reported earlier this week. Upon hearing the news, 6ix9ine took a screenshot of the post to share with a message of his own on his IG Story. "LITERALLY A JOKE," the 26-year-old's rant began on Thursday (May 4). "I'm the reason you guys got rid of this rule," he further asserted. "You guys did everything and ANYTHING just to not see me win. BRINGIN' IT BACK BECAUSE Y'ALL ARTISTS CAN SELL WITHOUT IT."

6ix9ine Blasts Billboard

DJ Akademiks shared the "GOOBA" artist's thoughts on his own page, leading 6ix9ine to drop by the comments there and get more off of his chest. "The rule got changed in June/July of 2020. I sold over $3M of [bundled] merch for 'GOOBA,'" he explained. "The Nicki and Travis thing was in 2018 for 'Queen' because I promoted it," the east coast star added, referring to Nicki Minaj's anger over Travis Scott beating her out for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, which she claimed only happened due to the merch bundles sold with his project.

"The industry changed rules and laws just to blackball an artist, that's how I know I'm really him," the controversial star concluded. "Get mad all you want, but this is facts." Do you think 6ix9ine's anger towards Billboard is valid, or is he letting a victim complex get the better of him? Let us know in the comments, and tap back in later for more hip-hop news updates.

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