2 Chainz & Halo Show Why They Are The Best Podcast Duo

Nothing better than a good father-son relationship.

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2 Chainz & Halo Show Why They Are The Best Podcast Duo

2 Chainz is no stranger to being different. The punchline master has had quite an illustrious career in music and other ventures. Not only that, 2 Chainz is a dedicated father on top of being a savvy businessman, rapper, and most expensive tastemaker. The Pretty Girls Love Trap Music artist has an amazing relationship with his family and children. Specifically, the close relationship with his 7-year-old son Halo is seen all over the internet melting all hearts in its path.

The two have a podcast together called Me and Halo where 2 Chainz and his son talk about a variety of topics. From sports to school, to girls, the two have a candid conversation just as any other father and son would. If you've seen any clips from their podcast that 2 Chainz posts on his Instagram, you'll see the cuteness factor is off the charts. Normally when you hear 2 Chainz, he's giving game on staying ten toes down, puffin' the best weed (gotta love that), and enjoying the finest luxuries. However, when he's on his podcast with Halo, it's a completely different vibe.

2 Chainz & Halo Go Viral (Again)

Instead of talking about the trap and all his hardships. You can see 2 Chainz the father on his podcast with his son. The low tone and nurturing words in the conversations between him and Halo show how close and solid their relationship is. Recently, the latest episode of the podcast, Halo revealed a little secret with his celebrity parent. In the video, Halo tells 2 Chainz that when he's getting ready for school, he'll sneak some of his dad's (highly expensive) cologne.

Additionally, the 7-year-old detailed that he moves in on the cologne while his dad's asleep. Chainz could only laugh and respond with "My cologne is very expensive Halo." However, that didn't stop his son from nabbing more his pop's smell good. Halo shared that he receives tons of compliments from teachers and classmates on his expensive scent. The episode has garnered tons of views with many commenting that they want a son like Halo (can you say baby fever). The Atlanta native is showing everyone that you can have the busiest schedule in the world yet still make time for your kids. Does 2 Chainz's podcast with his son make you wish you had a son to do a podcast with? Are they the best father-son duo on the internet right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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