Jamie Foxx Targeted In $40K Scam On Set Of Netflix’s “Back In Action”

The feature marked Cameron Diaz’s return to acting after an eight-year hiatus, but now, rumors claims she’s done after filming this movie.

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Jamie Foxx Targeted In $40K Scam On Set Of Netflix’s “Back In Action”

Things are shaking up on the set of Jamie Foxx's new film. There have been murmurs of discontent involving Back in Action, Foxx's latest feature co-starring Cameron Diaz. Close attention is being paid to the movie, notably because it marks Diaz's return to acting following an eight-year hiatus. This week, Daily Mail reported they spoke with "sources" who claimed Diaz was ready to leave Hollywood for good once again following Foxx having a meltdown on set. A follow-up report said that the fury stemmed from an alleged scammer lurking in production.

The Sun reported Back in Action is currently in London, facing delays due to bad weather. While the nature of the scam is unclear, it was said to have been "elaborate," as an employee attempted to steal upwards of $40,000 from Foxx. “One staffer has been sacked, and there are investigations after someone tried to get access to £33,000 in cash from Jamie Foxx,” a source claimed. “It sounds as though they tried to offer up a Rolex watch as part of the deal, but now there’s an investigation into everything going on.”

Jamie Foxx Had Enough

Additionally, it's speculated that the employee in question may have pulled off similar scams with other wealthy celebrities. Their involvement in the production is unknown, and the person's name hasn't been shared publicly. It is also unclear if formal charges have been filed or if Foxx or Netflix will take legal action. “This film has been a bit of a nightmare,” the source further shared. Despite the controversy, Foxx, Diaz, and Netflix have not issued formal statements.

Meanwhile, in September 2022, Diaz visited The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon she was "nervous and excited." It was reported that Foxx even recruited the help of Tom Brady to help drag Diaz out of retirement. "You know, it's a little bit of muscle memory, you know what I mean?" the actress said. "Sort like, I did that for so long, it's kind of like the process, I kind of just fell back into it. But, it kind of feels a bit different." Watch Cameron Diaz discuss her return to Hollywood above.


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