Rick Ross just took to Instagram to flex his $5 million porcelain floors, which he seems curiously proud of. “I want you to see this, too,” he told his followers. “‘Antolini, made in Italy.’ No, this is none of that other stuff. This is made in Italy! You see that? You see that? See how them things line up? I’mma do this over 55,000 square feet, 5 million. The biggest, you heard me? I’mma be doin’ a moonwalk on you n***as.

“This real motivation for the true hustlers,” the Florida MC continued. “When this home was built, 25 million was spent by the previous owner. Look at the marble floors, come on. Many, many years ago, but you see. It’s nothing but respectable and honorable, but this the difference. Antolini! That’s porcelain, it’s a big difference between porcelain and marble. And it ain’t just tiles. You see the difference in them tiles, you see that? Them boxes, these slabs. That’s one slab, slab, slabs!”

Rick Ross Shows Off $5 Million Porcelain Floors

Of course, if you’re not one for extravagant home decor, maybe this flex seems a little ridiculous. However, since when has Ross not taken the opportunity to present himself with the wealth he’s worth? Moreover, he invited Rod Wave into his million dollar Super Bowl skybox, which a few rappers actually stopped by. Every movement he makes is coated in luxury, as grand and opulent as his guest verse on “Devil In A New Dress.” While he recently made headlines for taking a photo with Chrisean Rock and angering Blueface, those worries seem beyond his tax bracket.

Meanwhile, many are excited to see the Carol City rapper at Nelly’s upcoming Hot In Herre Festival. Alongside acts like Ne-Yo and T.I., Ross will take the stage in Toronto this June 24th. In fact, it’s quite the 2000s nostalgia trip especially for fans of rap and R&B, with other acts including Fat Joe and Akon. Still, his extravagant persona doesn’t mean he’ll buy anything. For example, he recently stated hilariously that he won’t buy a Tesla out of fear of getting hacked. Regardless of your take on that, check back in with HNHH for the latest on Rick Ross.