Remy Ma somehow got dragged into Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s Twitter spat last year. Though Nicki’s feud with both individuals is well-documented, it became clear that she and Cardi will likely never see eye-to-eye. In the midst of the Bronx rapper’s feud with City Girls rapper JT, Nicki switched her profile picture to the Miami rapper as a sign of solidarity. In response, Cardi B switched her profile picture to Remy Ma, who previously had issues with Nicki Minaj. 

It was a petty move that found the “Up” rapper and the Young Money artist back at odds. However, things took another turn afterward when Nicki took a jab at Cardi’s pen game. Though it’s no secret that Cardi gets assistance with her raps, the “Do We Have A Problem?” rapper shared a photo of a neon “Nicki” sign with a pen held in front of her first “i.” However, Nicki has since changed her picture from JT’s image while Remy Ma remains Cardi B’s avi.

Remy Ma Responds

During her recent appearance on Jason Lee’s The Jason Lee Show, Remy Ma reflected on Cardi changing her profile picture in the midst of her feud with JT. Though Lee explained it was evident why Cardi chose her image, he stated that they’re all “so petty.” “I ain’t even do nothin’,” Remy replied before Lee suggested she caught a sub in the midst of the feud. “I ain’t catch a stray, hold up, be clear,” she replied. She added that she was at home, watching the whole thing unfold like the rest of us.

Remy Ma explained that she didn’t care about the whole incident, but apparently, there were some people in her fanbase that were aggravated by Cardi’s move. Remy explained that some people tried to reach out to Twitter with claims that Cardi was impersonating the “All The Way Up” rapper. Still, Remy said it’s all love since she and Cardi go back years. “I fuck with Cardi,” Remy said. “She from the Bronx.” Peep the clip above and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.