Yung Bleu remains a force to be reckoned with and he clearly has no intention of slowing down. In the past three years, he delivered a steady stream of music to satisfy his fanbase. However, is recent releases have shown further growth and he clearly doesn’t have any intentions to slow down any type soon.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 31: Yung Bleu attends Costume Couture Halloween Party on October 31, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

It’s only been a few months since his last studio album, and Bleu is already gearing up to have the summer on smash. The artist hit Instagram this morning where he announced his upcoming project, Love Scars 2. We have no doubt that Bleu’s new project will have a grip on this spring since its set for an April 14th release date.

In addition to the release date, he also shared the cover art for the album. The artwork includes an X-ray of his chest with several chains dangling from his neck. Bleu hasn’t dropped a new single to lead the official rollout but it seems like it could be coming soon. 

Love Scars 2 will undoubtedly set up a big year ahead for him, as he’s already riding high off of the release of TANTRA. The rapper’s follow-up to Moon Boy dropped in November, which boasted plenty of star power. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, ZAYN, Kelly Rowland, and French Montana all appeared on the tracklist. The album also included “What Type Of Games” which sampled DMX’s “How It’s Goin’ Down.” Unfortunately, Bleu faced backlash for his attempt at paying homage.

“I understand that’s such a great song and it will never be duplicated no matter what by any artist! Classic! I’m paying homage!” he said in response to the hate he received.

Bleu released the first installment of Love Scars in 2020. The project, subtitled The 5 Stages Of Emotions, helped propel him to stardom. Love Scars: The 5 Stages Of Emotions included the original version of “You’re Mines Still.” Eventually, the song landed in Drake’s lap who remixed it, which Bleu re-released and included on Moon Boy.