YSL Case: Juror Reportedly Skipped Court For Dominican Republic Trip

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The potential juror showed up for the first hearing but was mysteriously missing from the second.

As if this case couldn't take another twist, a juror in the YSL trial involving Young Thug has come under fire. Jury selection has been an arduous process, as a reported 600 potential jurors have been questioned. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Jozsef Papp has kept the public updated on the selection, and on Twitter, he shared an eyebrow-raising update about Juror #64.

According to Papp, much of today's hearing in the YSL case focused on potential jurors hardships. Some were pardoned due to work or personal reasons, but others were pushed forward in the selection process.

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The second panel of 200 jurors was looked into, including a Paralympics athlete training for 2024. That person was reportedly excused from duty. Further, an APS teacher was denied, reported Papp, after stating she suffered from neck and back problems.

However, the more startling report was about Juror #64, who didn't show up to the hearing at all.

"We are getting update on juror #64, who did report the first day last week but didn't report yesterday," Papp tweeted. "After deputies went to her address, she wasn't there. Her grandmother told deputies she wasn't there."

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"Deputies were able to get in contact with her," he continued. "And she told them she was in the Dominican Republic and won't return until tomorrow night."

"Judge Glanville said she wants her taken to jail or to his courtroom, if court is still in session, upon her return to Atlanta."

Meanwhile, as the jurors were questioned, reports state the judge advised them that the YSL case could take six to nine months. Additionally, eight of Young Thug's co-defendants, including Gunna, have already taken plea deals.


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