Finesse2tymes had plans to start 2023 in a big way, though they obviously didn’t go as planned. On the evening of Sunday (January 1), he was performing in Knoxville, Tennessee, when a shooting took place in the audience.

As WREG reports, three attendees obtained injuries as a result of the gunfire. Thankfully, though, authorities have confirmed that they’re non-life-threatening and were able to receive treatment at UT Medical Center.

Prior to the concert, Finesse got his followers excited on Instagram with a promotional post. “KNOXVILLE TN!! WE FINNA TURN IT UP UH NOTCH!! IT’S GOIN DOWN TONIGHT!!” he wrote in the caption.

While the crowd was certainly turnt up, it’s believed that an altercation broke out as the rapper was on stage. Shortly after, shots were fired. Attendee Kierra Daughtry tells the outlet, “As soon as the shots happened, everybody dropped their drinks… Within a split second, there was [almost] nobody in that building.”

She later added, “For a second, it really did like we were about to get shot, like, we were very close.”

Authorities responded to the call from My Canna Buds around 2:20 AM on Monday (January 2) morning. A spokesperson for the local police department says that at this time, numerous individuals are believed to have fired shots.

Multiple weapons were also recovered at the scene. Additionally, several witnesses and possible suspects were detained as the investigation progresses.

No other details have been made available at this time, though police are asking anyone with information to contact the East Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers.

Finesse2Tymes visits SiriusXM Studios on November 29, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

In other news, Finesse2tymes recently spoke with us following the arrival of his 90 Days project. At the time, he got real about how his time behind bars impacted him, his musical influences, and big plans for the future.

Read all that the rising rapper had to say here, and check back later for any updates on the Knoxville concert shooting.