Gloss Up Details The Female Rap Scene In Memphis & “Don’t Play With Me” For “On The Come Up”

Quality Control artist Gloss Up introduces herself for HotNewHipHop's "On The Come Up."

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Over the last several years, Memphis has become the only true rival to Atlanta as the new Hip-Hop capital. Now, the female rappers there have started to really gain steam, so Memphis may actually have an edge over the A. Following the release of GloRilla’s sensational breakout hit “F.N.F.,” the Hip-Hop community became hypnotized by the CMG signee. In addition to Glo, the Hip-Hop community also fell in love with her “ratchet ass friends.” Surprisingly, many of them were also rising Memphis femcees.

One of those talented rappers that made an appearance in the “F.N.F.” video was Gloss Up. However, the mother of two is much more than a video extra. After getting her feet wet with freestyles over popular Drake, Plies, and Nicki Minaj instrumentals, Gloss started releasing original music. Her first official project, Different Shades of Gloss, arrived in the summer of 2019.

Gloss Up on HotNewHipHop’s “On The Come Up.” (Cam Kirk, Collective Gallery)
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In the years following that project, Gloss Up continued to work on her craft. In 2021, her team-up with HitKidd and his curated selection of Memphis female rappers — including GloRilla, K Carbon, Slimeroni, and Aleza — proved to be one of the most pivotal decisions of her career. That summer, the massive female ensemble released their first song together, titled “Set The Tone.” Needless to say, it lived up to its namesake, showcasing how intriguing Memphis’ female rap scene was. 

Following the momentum of “Set The Tone” and “Set The Tone 2,” “F.N.F.” just tipped the scales even further. This year, that song launched GloRilla, Gloss Up, and the rest of their frequent collaborators into the mainstream eye. As 2022 progressed, Gloss Up, a self-proclaimed underdog, ended up signing a record deal with Quality Control Music. Now, she’s here to introduce herself as one of the featured artists for HNHH’s On The Come Up.

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On The Come Up: Gloss Up

Gloss Up on HotNewHipHop’s “On The Come Up.” (Cam Kirk, Collective Gallery)

HNHH: Gloss, how’d you get into music?

I would just write poems when I was little. My mom used to think they was poems, but they was raps. So yeah.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Megan [Thee Stallion], my best friend GloRilla, I like Lizzo, and as far as the dudes, I like Dolph. 

What was the turning point that helped you realize that you were on your way to becoming successful? What was that moment of like, “Damn, I’m doing something right.”

I went on tour, on my own little tour around different cities. I had went to 14 cities, and that’s when I really realized this is what I wanted to do.

If a music fan, brand new, were to discover you today for the first time, what song would you tell them to listen to?

“Don’t Play With Me.” Or my song “Sunshine.” My song "Sunshine" — I had wrote it for my kids. Well, I had one child at the time. Cause it’s like different. It’s versatile. It’s not bad. I really didn’t say no curse words in it. 

Where can I find it?

On YouTube, my YouTube channel, Glitter Girl Gloss.

Tell me about a valuable lesson you’ve learned during your come-up.

Slow down on posting stuff. Don’t post too much. Don’t give 'em too much, and don’t be popping out for free.

Gloss Up on HotNewHipHop’s “On The Come Up.” (Cam Kirk, Collective Gallery)
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Summarize your debut single, mixtape, whichever of the two you wanna touch on, and what inspired you to make that.

Well, right now, the song I’m pushing is called “Don’t Play With Me.” I’m really pushing that song cause I've been pregnant for two years, I really haven't just put no song out by myself. I’ve just been working with the other girls. Right now, I’m building a catalog, so I’m not sure when I’m gonna do my mixtape or my albums just yet. I’m just working

What inspired you to make that song?

People that play with you. It’s just one of them songs, you just be like, “Don’t play with me.”

Sometimes people get you fucked up…

Yup, they got you fucked up. So you be like — and it's catchy — like, “Go play with your dick baby, don’t play with me.” You know. You know how that be.

Tell me about your hometown, and tell me a little bit more about Memphis and how it influences your music.

Now it’s influenced me a lot, like, they giving me a lot of faith to keep going.  Cause it’s like, we the first girls that’s out of Memphis that’s actually doing something. For a long time, it’s been the dudes getting it on, so now it’s like, the girls getting recognition. It’s cool cause everybody supporting us right now, and I like it.

Gloss Up on HotNewHipHop’s “On The Come Up.” (Cam Kirk, Collective Gallery)
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Speak on that. Like how does it feel being one of the first women from Memphis to really make it rapping? Getting signed and doing it with your friends. How does that feel?

You know, we got a little change and stuff, but like, at our age, it feel real good. And like, we’ve been talking about this stuff so long. Like, too fucking long. And it’s crazy that it actually happened. I don’t know, it’s cool.

Making it to the cover, you good.


Where do you hope your music career takes you?

I wanna be big, I wanna do different stuff, like, different kinds of songs-- be very versatile, different genres. I wanna be on the biggest stage, one day. Yeah.

If you could create your dream song, unlimited budget, P says, “you know what? Whatever you need, let's make it happen.” What would it sound like, and who would you feature on the song? Past artist or present.

I wanna do a song for the girls, like the regular girls. The girls, the mommas, you know. Giving people confidence to feeling confident in your body. Like, you don’t gotta be like everybody else. Be yourself. When I do make that kinda song I’m gonna put Lizzo on it. Lizzo, yep.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring musician on the come-up, what would you tell them?

Keep going, stay in your lane. Create your own lane if you don’t have it. Just keep going. 

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