Lil Uzi Vert fans have been fiending for new music. They got plenty if they were tuned into the latest episode of Gangsta Grillz Radio on Shade 45. DJ Drama and Don Cannon — co-hosts and co-bosses of Uzi’s label, Generation Now — decided to surprise their listeners with a total of five brand new tracks from the Philly rapper. It hasn’t been confirmed if these songs are meant for Luv Is Rage 2 — but they all sound incredible. 

UPDATE: Apparently none of these tracks are meant for Luv Is Rage 2. Nope, “we coming way harder den dat,” says Uzi.

A SoundCloud user compiled radio rips of all the tracks and gave them the following titles: “Walking Around With a Bank,” “Bag,” “Let You Know,” “Loaded,” and “Pet.” Young Thug features on “Bag” and Cardo is the producer of “Walking Around With a Bank.” DJ Drama’s signature sounds can be heard throughout the recordings, but it hardly lessens the thrill of hearing five new gems from Uzi. 

Also this weekend, Uzi performed another new track — not played on Shade 45 — at a show in Kansas. A lot of new material is on the way for the sensation behind “XO Tour Llif3.” Luv Is Rage 2 should be a good one. 

[via XXL