Kyrie Irving hasn’t played much basketball over the last couple of weeks. The Nets superstar was suspended by his own team after sharing an antisemitic documentary. Irving refused to apologize, but once he was suspended, he immediately changed course.

Kyrie’s Apology

“To All Jewish families and Communities that are hurt and affected from my post, I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain, and I apologize,” Kyrie wrote. “Initially reacted out of emotion to being unjustly labeled Anti-Semitic, instead of focusing on the healing process of my Jewish Brothers and Sisters that were hurt from the hateful remarks made in the Documentary.

“I had no intentions to disrespect any Jewish cultural history regarding the Holocaust or perpetuate any hate. Learning from this unfortunate event and hope we can find understanding between us all.” Am no different than any other human being. I am a seeker of truth and knowledge, and I know who I Am.”

Following this apology, Kyrie stayed off of Twitter and Instagram. He was silent for the better part of a week, although now, he appears to be back on Twitter. As you all know, Irving is quite ambiguous with his tweets, and that was especially true this morning as he broke his recent silence.

In the tweet down below, you can see that Kyrie posted a fingers-crossed emoji, and the infinity symbol. No one knows what this means for Kyrie, although it seems clear that he is approaching things in a positive manner right now. His future with the Nets remains up in the air, but he isn’t letting himself get down over it.

Kyrie still has some requirements to hit before they will let him back on the roster. Whether or not he goes through with them, still remains to be seen.

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