Kanye West has made some inflammatory comments about a plethora of topics as of late, and it has led to some big consequences. These days, it seems like Ye is being dropped by everybody. For instance, Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown just left Donda Sports, while Adidas is officially dropping Kanye’s Yeezy brand.

Now, it seems like Ye’s comments are bleeding into his school, Donda Academy. His high school basketball team has some of the best players in the country, and now, they are being barred from an upcoming tournament. According to TMZ, the Scholastic Play-By-Play Classics revealed that Donda Academy will no longer be allowed to attend.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“While we are firm in our reasoning for this decision, it does not diminish our heartache and regret for Donda’s hardworking athletes who will lose out the most as a result of Kanye’s actions,” the tournament said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we cannot in good conscience host an organization founded and directed by Mr. West at our events.”

This is a worst-case scenario for Donda Academy, which is still trying to establish itself as a viable basketball program.

It remains to be seen if some players decide to go elsewhere as a result of this upcoming decision.