Tasha K Talks Cardi B Case, Suggests She Was Bullied By A "Machine"

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Cardi B
"A machine that has corporate interest to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity," and violence, the YouTuber stated.

Her attorney has promised that they will appeal the court's recent decision and now Tasha K is using her platform to speak about her Cardi B case for herself. Years ago, the libel suit was launched against YouTuber Tasha K after Cardi stated that the allegations shared by the blogger were false. Tasha made claims that Cardi cheated on her husband Offset, had a sexually transmitted disease, and was a drug abuser.

We've previously reported on a jury siding with Cardi and awarding the rapper approximately $4 million. Tasha K promised that she would address the controversy on her platform, and on Wednesday (January 26), she did just that.

She opened by saying the "conspiracy case" has been "challenging," but she wouldn't change a thing. Tasha said she and her team weren't shocked by the verdict and suggested she was standing up against a "machine" that attempted to "bully" her

"A machine that has corporate interest to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity, and to glorify the violence that wrecks havoc on our society in our neighborhoods," she said. Tasha also called the verdict "prejudicial" and added that arrived "solely off of sympathy and payola." She praised her platform as an outlet that helps the community and insinuated that she was being targeted by a "machine" that is leading the public astray.

Meanwhile, Cardi B released a statement yesterday where she called out those who use their platforms to spread misinformation and promote bullying. Watch Tasha K's 12-minute video regarding her case against Cardi B below.

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