For the past 10 years, Doe Boy has been riding alongside Future as part of the Free Bandz Gang roster as his name began bubbling up. The release of Doe Boy’s debut album, Oh Really, is a culmination of the past 10 years of his career. Surprisingly, the project doesn’t boast a single feature from Future but the Atlanta rapper’s fingerprints are all over the project as an executive producer, alongside Southside.

Doe Boy Speaks On Relationship With Future, Says He's A "Last-Minute Person" For Verses
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

The thing about Future is that he apparently is a last-minute person when it comes to features, so when we discussed Oh Really with Doe two weeks ago, he explained there was still a possibility we could get a new collab. “He’s one of those people, like when Roddy Ricch did his album and shit, I was with Pluto when he did it. [Roddy Ricch’s] album was coming out at midnight, [Future] was doing his verse at like, eight o’clock,” he explained.

Even if Future didn’t lay down a verse, the invaluable guidance he and Southside’s provided across the album helped Doe Boy tap into a sweet spot. Doe Boy explained both artists are perfectionists so they consistently push him to go harder. “Them n***as perfectionists,” he explained. “So, it’s like when you got somebody like Southside and when you got somebody like Future, it’s like they gonna be on your ass,” he continued, revealing that Future’s melodic styles have rubbed off on him. “Even when you listen to certain songs, you’ll be like, ‘damn, I could tell he’d been around Future. He’d been learning from Future,’ like, my melodic shit and shit like that. You could tell like, for real. People don’t know I could do this shit, for real, like I’m really him.”

Future stood by Doe Boy’s side when he was dealing with a robbery charge that could’ve torn him away from his career. And while he was behind bars, Future’s shout out to him on “My Savages,” and general words of encouragement during that time helped Doe Boy remain optimistic.

“I got something to look forward to. So, that’s the best part like, ‘Alright, I don’t gotta come home and figure life out.’ Like, my life already figured out,” he explained. Similarly, he said that he hopes to help out others behind bars in the same way Future did when he was incarcerated.

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