Fresh from receiving insider Hollywood stories for veteran comedian Kym Whitley, TV One’s Uncensored has returned, this time with Swizz Beatz. He is one of the most awarded and celebrated musicians in the industry as his production work has reached far and wide. His longstanding career has rarely, if ever, suffered misses, and while he had been embroiled in controversy every now and again, Swizz is known as someone who is all about unity.

Swizz and his equally as famous wife Alicia Keys recently celebrated their 11 year wedding anniversary, and on Uncensored, he recalled the first time he met her when they were just teens.

Swizz Beatz Details Meeting Alicia Keys At 15: "She Was Harder Than Me"
Jason Kempin / Staff / Gettty Images

“I’ve known her since I was about 15. I was in Truman High School and her best friend at the time, she used to rap, she was in my class, and she used to always tell me, ‘You gotta meet my friend Ali,'” Swizz recalled. The friend wanted to introduce them not for romantic purposes, but because she believed they would fit together musically.

“Months passed by and I came out of school one day and they was like, standing there. They was like, ‘Yo, this is my friend Ali I was telling you about,” he continued. “She was like, harder than me. She had on a purple Northface. She had on Timbs, she had a skully on. She looked hard.” He said Keys wasn’t interested in being perceived as a cute girl, but he still asked her for her number. 

“I didn’t get it at that time, but I think I came back strong.” Check out the clip below.