Saweetie Says “Pretty Privilege” Worked Against Her

She admitted in an interview being perceived as pretty throughout her life was not necessarily a privilege.

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Saweetie Says “Pretty Privilege” Worked Against Her

Saweetie's long-awaited debut album Pretty B*tch Music was slated to be released this week. She's been teasing its arrival since last year, already unleashing the singles "Tap In," "Back to the Streets," "Best Friend," and "Fast (Motion)" from the upcoming project. Now scheduled for a later release, the California native announced she pushed the project back to rework a few songs

"And one of my goals is for people to really feel something with every song, so I had to go back and reconstruct some songs. Just know that I'm a perfectionist and it's on the way," revealed the singer earlier this week. In a recent interview, the "Best Friend" artist got candid about what "pretty privilege means to her, and how it has impacted her life. 

Saweetie Says "Pretty Privilege" Worked Against Her
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"And there are some pretty people who abuse whatever privilege they have or they're given," began the rapper in a new Power 106.1 interview. The interviewer then interjects to add that the term is "pretty privilege."

"Right, but it's just like, for me, honestly, throughout my whole life, being pretty was kind of like a, it was kind of like, how do I say wasn't a privilege for me. I was judged, rumors were made up about me, and it was kind of always working against me. And it's just like, for me, I never thought of pretty as glamorizing my existence as a human being."

"So when I say Pretty B*tch Music, I'm not talking about your face I'm talking about your aura, I'm talking about your energy, I'm talking about your self-esteem," she added. 

"You got pretty energy?" asked the host, to which Saweetie responds, "Yeah, don't nobody want no stank, ugly energy...When I say pretty I think the biggest misconception is people thinking about fashion or your ice or your jewelry, or your makeup but for me, pretty is like your confidence. I love me a confident woman."   

As for when Pretty B*tch Music will be arriving, Saweetie has yet to set a date for when we can expect the debut project. 

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