Vivica A. Fox called 50 Cent the “love of her life” during an interview this week with VladTV, which elicited reactions from the rap legend’s current girlfriend. Sarcastically posting a violin emoji in response to the claims, Cuban Link had more to say after the world-renowned actress continued to flaunt her past relationship with Fiddy, sharing a Flashback Friday picture with him.

“TGIF Dawlings! #FBF moments,” wrote Vivica as the caption to her post, rewinding to her past relationship with the gangster rapper. Much like with her previous snarky reply, Cuban Link went off after seeing the pictures, speaking out on Twitter.

“It’s giving menopause,” she wrote, joking that Vivica A. Fox must be feeling a little out of sorts today. “Y’all, how that Pooh shiesty song go again? .. My momma always told me stay outta grown folk business [face-palm emoji] see what I done started .. [violin emoji] smh.”

She wasn’t done there, loading up for a second round and queuing up another song on her speakers.

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50 Cent's GF Cuban Link Shades Vivica A. Fox: "Respect Our Elders"">
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“Aye Maybach, play Maybach ft Future,” she added. “Leave me alone y’all. Stop y’all, let’s respect our elders!” She concluded by clarifying, “it’s all love.” 

Some people are confused about why Cuban Link chose to age-shame Vivica A. Fox, especially considering her boyfriend is only ten years younger than Fox. Regardless, it seems like Cuban is having some fun with this. She’s clearly not concerned about losing her man. Do you think she’s solid with 50 Cent?

50 Cent's GF Cuban Link Shades Vivica A. Fox: "Respect Our Elders"