Now that she has two Lifetime projects, Wendy Williams is even shadier than ever. The respected yet controversial media maven is sharing the most intimate details of her personal and professional lives in a documentary and biopic, both airing on Lifetime. to help promote her projects, Wendy has been floating through the talk show circuit to discuss her most publicized controversies, including her ex-husband Kevin Hunter’s reported affair with Sharina Hudson and the child they had while Williams and Hunter were still married.

Recently, Wendy stated that she had no plans on ever meeting Hunter and Hudson’s daughter, Journey, but the talk show icon believes that one day, Journey will come knocking at her door. Wendy wasn’t finished answering questions about her ex and his new family, because she was more than willing to give her opinion while chatting on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan this evening (January 27).

“I think Kevin is hot. He’s still hot,” Williams said of her ex. “Kevin smells good, he dresses well, but I’ve outgrown Kevin. I’ve outgrown the way he spends money. I’ve outgrown the way he lives his life.  I’ve outgrown the way he talks to people. The way he’s late for meetings and the way he puts you on hold and doesn’t come back ’cause he forgets that you’re on hold. He does that to some really important people, and it’s costing me some money. Some deals.”

Elsewhere, Claudia asks Wendy if she’s met little Journey, who is reportedly three-years-old. “No, [Kevin’s] got one job: keep her off the pole and hopefully she’ll be more educated than her mother and father,” said Williams. She also went over her dating life, what type of man she wants, and what her next prenuptial agreement will look like (it will short and sweet). Watch the interview below to listen to Wendy Williams detail her Lifetime projects and current relationship with her ex-husband.