At the beginning of March, Rod Wave blessed his fans with new music and released “Street Runner,” his first single of 2021 and the first song from his highly anticipated upcoming project SoulFly. To commemorate his return, the Pray 4 Love artist has revealed a creative way to continue interacting with the single weeks after its release: a full-fledged video game. In partnership with Krool Toys (who has also pumped out eccentric video game takes on Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red as well as Future and Lil Uzi Vert’s collab project Pluto x Baby Pluto), Rod Wave has launched a video game inspired by “Street Runner.”

Krool Toy’s video game rendition of Rod Wave’s latest single is now available to play for free on its official website, and it is also giving away a 1 of 1 game box as well as a custom “Street Runner” Gameboy Advance to play the video game on. In statements to Complex, both Rod Wave and the creative toy company shared comments about their left-field collaboration.

Commenting on how the meaning of his latest single influenced the design of the video game, Rod Wave said, “‘Street Runner’ is a personal song about the sacrifices I made to pursue this career that I have now. All while never forgetting about the family and loved ones I’m doing it for. This video game brings my story to life beyond the music.”

In regards to the “Street Runner” game’s nostalgic vibes, Stefan of Krool Toys explained, “When building out this game we really wanted to give people the feeling of being back in an arcade getting behind one of those old school sit-down racing games, as well as incorporate some elements from Rod’s home of Florida.”

If you’re feeling the creative new direction for Rod Wave’s “Street Runner” single, stay tuned for more updates as his forthcoming project SoulFly is set to drop on March 26.