Throughout his first month in office as the latest President of the United StatesJoe Biden has been hard at work to deliver upon the many promises that he made during his presidential run last year. From pushing for another round of stimulus checks and signing executive orders to revitalizing efforts to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and contacting Ice Cube to discuss the Contract With Black America, plenty of people likely feel like the new president is making great progress.

In a new video from TMZ, however, it is clear that many people, like Bernie Sanders’ former Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray, are ultimately unimpressed with President Biden’s first month in office, especially regarding his stance on forgiving student loans.

Gray’s critical rant about the President results from statements that Biden made during a town hall on Tuesday night, in which he said that he was only willing to forgive $10k of debt for impacted students and ex-students. Other senators, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have advocated for $50k in student debt forgiveness, but Biden confirmed that he would not make that happen on his own without congressional approval.

As seen in the tweet above, Joe Biden has been advocating for student loan forgiveness in some shape or form since his presidential run early last spring. Do you think that the newest U.S. president is really dedicated to this issue or was it just a way to get support from young voters?