As usual for normal teenage romances, it is customary after a breakup for both parties involved to air out their grievances on their respective social media accounts. While this often doesn’t result in media attention, the attention is a little more hawk-eyed when your aunt is Beyoncé and your mother is Solange. Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., the 16-year-old teenage son of Solange Knowles, took to social media with some leaked NSFW evidence claiming he was in a relationship with former Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, but the two have since called things off. 

Solange's Son Julez & Skai Jackson Have Broken Up, But No One Knew They Dated
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for TLC

In a leaked group chat message, the 16-year-old claims that he and Skai were dating and were sexually involved but she cheated on him so he got “revenge.” “I made sure to ruin her life,” the teenager allegedly wrote in one message. “I fu**ed her good and got her addicted and then left her. It’s complicated.”

Another person in the conversation questioned their two-year age difference, but Julez seemed unbothered by 18-year-old Skai’s age. “Ni**a age don’t matter,” he smugly wrote.

An explicit video of Skai has also leaked on the net, with many pointing the finger at Julez for potentially exposing it as revenge porn. He then went on to address their relationship status in a since-deleted IG Q&A. When asked if he and Skai were still friends, he simply responded, “F**k no.”  

While they are no longer together, another photo of the happier times for the couple leaked online as well. Julez is Solange’s son from her relationship with her high-school sweetheart ex-husband Daniel Smith. She was 17 when she married him, but the couple divorced just 3 years later.