Druski is arguably one of the funniest people on the Internet right now. His skits and general persona has truthfully brought smiles to thousands of people in the midst of these bleak times we’re in. And his profile continues to grow. His Instagram shenanigans have led him to a seat at some of the most exclusive circles with the likes of Rick Ross, OBJ, and more.


Much of his recent success is largely due to his appearance in Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” music video. Unfortunately, it seems that Drake’s feeling a little unappreciated in the wake of Druski’s recent success. A few days ago, Druski shared a slew of photos alongside some big names in the game such as G Herbo, OBJ, Jack Harlow, and more. “If you don’t see ’em in the pictures with me, that mean they faded away…,” he captioned the post.


Drake, unfortunately, felt that he was among those that “faded away,” along with Lil Yachty. “Wow the fact I’m not in this bullshit ass post,” Drake commented. Yachty added, “Swear I just faded away.” Yachty left his comments to that but Drake was hurt. And you know what they say: hurt people hurt people.

Drake Takes Offense After Druski Excludes Him From IG Post

“The pic of you and Herbo from the airport pickup location he not even really knowing who u are all the way look at his eyes,” he wrote before taking aim at Druski and his barber. “The only thing that needs fading away is your sideburn into your beard.”

Drake Takes Offense After Druski Excludes Him From IG Post

It didn’t take long for Druski to make it up to both Drake and Yachty via Facetime. The comedian shared screenshots of his conversations with both rappers, revealing that it’s always love, with or without an Instagram post. “N***as want SMOKE behind that last caption,” he wrote. “LOVE YALL BOYS MAN 4LIFERSSSS.”

Clearly, Druski didn’t mean any harm.