Lil Yachty

Real Name
Miles Parks McCollum
Alias Name
Lil Boat
Date of Birth
Aug. 23, 1997 - Age 26
Atlanta, Georgia

Artist Bio

Known throughout the Internet as that guy with the red beads in his red-threaded hair, Lil Yachty has emerged seemingly out-of-nowhere as the coolest kid in the rap game. Somewhere between Lil B’s California and Yung Lean’s Scandinavia lies the ATL of Yachty’s making, a surreal mix of styles, both Southern and cerebral. The Georgia-rapper’s cyberspace hit “1Night” might sound like high altitude cloud rap, but the rapper also known as Lil Boat takes his influence decisively from life on the seven seas. Since hitting the starboard with his debut mixtape, Yachty has collaborated with the likes of DRAM, Kylie Jenner, and most notably, Chance the Rapper on “Mixtape,” the street-standout on Chano’s insta-classic Coloring Book.