UPDATE: A rep for Lil Uzi Vert’s camp said that the rapper put down $20K for the student’s tuition, not Roc Nation. 

A chance meeting back in August 2019 helped a college student cover his tuition fees, under one condition. As he was traveling with his entourage, a young man named Ahmad jokingly asked Lil Uzi Vert if the rapper would pay his college tuition. In a surprising move, Uzi stopped and spoke with the student who shared that he was studying at Temple University. Uzi said he “could pay for that” but added that it would be covered after he’d graduated.


Almost a year and a half later, Ahmad has given an update. “As of right now, it’s in the process,” he said in a video shared to social media. “I’m not allowed to explicitly disclose anything right now, but I know I’m gonna be getting hate as soon as I graduate. I’m a senior at Temple right now, my major is political science with a minor in [economics] and Roc Nation put down $20,000.”

“The thought process behind that was when I asked [Uzi] that question—so my mom and I were actually discussing about my loan stuff. My mom’s a single parent, my dad passed away when I was eight-years-old. She’s been raising me single and money has been a problem, obviously, so me getting my college tuition paid for [would] be beneficial for whatever because I don’t have to be in debt.”

Ahmad said he decided to shoot his shot with Uzi and it worked out. Soon, a debate about whether or not Uzi should help him financially before graduation arose, and the rapper added that the agreement was once he completed his studies, the debt would be taken care of. In his interview, Ahmad called Uzi and “real one” and praised the rapper for his help. Check out a few posts below.