Machine Gun Kelly has become somewhat divisive in recent years, but it’s impossible to deny that the man is multitalented in a variety of fields. Longtime fans already know he can spit bars when so inclined, but a recent genre swap has seen him single-handedly putting in work to revive the pop-punk genre, a genre long thought deceased. All the while, he’s been holding it down with roles in various movies, including an upcoming western flick called The Last Son of Isaac Lemay

Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Directing "Downfalls High"

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Now, it would appear that Machine Gun Kelly has opened his door even wider. During an interview with Jess Cagle on Sirius XM, Gunner confirmed that he is officially directing his first movie, the 49-minute pop-punk musical Downfalls High. Incorporating elements from each song on Tickets To My Downfall, the movie stars Chase Hudson and Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney, as well as Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker as narrators. 

MGK Talking “Downfalls High” On Sirius XM

When asked whether the film is autobiographical, Kelly provides an interesting response. “I mean, I think autobiographical in the sense of how his love for this girl who he loses is undying,” he reflects. “That’s a theme that movies don’t highlight at all. I’m always…someone becomes widowed and then that person finds someone new. And like, that’s like that, that is the movie, right? Or they fall out of love and fall into love with someone new.”

“I just wanted to highlight themes that aren’t made in movies,” he continues. “I’m sick of seeing people treat love like it’s trivial, right. That we can just move past it. Because if it’s real love, you can’t move past it and you shouldn’t move past it.” 

Should you be interested in catching Downfalls High (check out the trailer below), the film will be available on Machine Gun Kelly’s Facebook Page right here, starting at 9 PM EST.