Ice Cube has responded to the announcement of a new $900 billion stimulus deal that is nearing agreement in congress, asking “Where is the Black bailout?” 

Ice Cube Reacts To New Stimulus Package: "Where's The Black Bailout?"
Rob Carr / Getty Images

The legendary rapper broke down what he believes to be missing from the bill in a new video on Instagram:

Here we go again too. About to give out a lot of stimulus. I’m hearing about everybody about to get what they’re about to get. I don’t hear shit for the Black community. Where is the Black bailout? Where is the Black bailout for all of the businesses that we’ve lost, the businesses that are hurting? Where is it? How much of that money is going towards those businesses? How much of that money is going to get in the hands of people who don’t have a great banking relationship?

Cube’s thoughts on the stimulus are consistent with his overall sentiments towards the Democratic establishment and congress as a whole, recently. Following the Democratic National Convention, earlier this year, he asked party leaders “What’s in it for us?” referring once again to the Black community.

“The way it looks, they don’t really have a problem. Everybody talkin’ about, ‘Get Trump out, get Trump out, get Trump out.’ If you vote, that’s gon’ happen on the first day. So, now what? Trump out, now what?” Cube asked in a similar video in August. What do we get in the first 100 days? That’s what we’re trying to figure out. What do we actually get that they could give us overnight like that?”