Zonnique Pullins enjoys the glam life just as much as the next person, but she isn’t shy about showing off what’s under the glam either. The ex-OMG Girl recently gave birth to her first daughter with rapper Bandhunta Izzy. Throughout her pregnancy, ‘Nique has shared the most precious photos while carrying her bundle of joy in her most natural state, truly embracing the beauty of pregnancy. 

In November 2019, T.I. caused widespread outrage after admitting he would come with his daughter, Deyjah, to the gynecologist’s office in order to find out whether or not she was still a virgin— she was 17 years old at the time. After Zonnique announced her pregnancy, there were many questions regarding the rapper’s reaction to his stepdaughter’s newest addition to the family. Zonnique told the world that T.I. learned from the controversy, saying, “He’s definitely just been learning with the girls on how to handle certain things and how to go about certain things when it comes to us. I feel like it’s a lot of stuff he didn’t realize when it comes to a young girl’s feelings. So I feel like now he’s a little bit more careful. He just goes about everything a little bit differently now, definitely… He’s more sensitive with everything.” 

The singer is back on the grind since the birth of her daughter. From sharing new music, brand partnerships, and photo dumps of pregnancy photos, Zonnique already seems ready to take 2021 by storm. While she constantly serves looks like the ultimate beauty queen we know, we still love the genuine natural photos. Here are some of the best.

Holiday Hangs

Zonnique spent Thanksgiving with Bandhunta Izzy, and with her natural glow of course.


Slight Natural Curls Flex

“Hair appreciation post!” 


Pregnancy Glow

Baby glow in full effect.


Pretty In Pink

Makeup-free beauty.


Lounging Around

“Bareface lounging around in my Fashion Nova.” 


Curly Girl

‘Nique sports her natural hair and is radiant while doing so. 


Fountain Princess

Soaking up the sun.


Art Of Simplicity 

The ex-OMG Girl keeps it nude and simple.


Natural Face And Chill

Chill level confirmed.


When The Light Is Right

Her skin is clear as day.