For a good number of hip-hop aficionados, it’s been difficult to wrap their heads around the fact that Pop Smoke is really gone.

The Brooklyn rapper was on the brink of superstardom when he was fatally shot in the Hollywood Hills, days after his address got leaked online. His death marked a major blow to the hip-hop community, especially since many of us realized that Pop had not even grazed the surface of his potential

Pop Smoke's Brother Shares Original "Dior" Verse
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

With one of the best albums of the entire year, Pop Smoke had so much more to offer as an entertainer. 

Unbeknownst to many, the rapper’s brother, Obasi Jackson, is also an artist. While they make very different kinds of music, Obasi has been creating a buzz for himself as of late. Obviously, he also has access to some precious gems that his brother was working on prior to his death, as well as unreleased verses and complete songs.

A video has started going viral from Obasi, showing the original verse from “Dior,” which is arguably Pop’s most popular song.

“I recorded the original Dior,” wrote Obasi on Instagram Live, pinning his comment. He proceeded to play the a capella version of his verse, which includes some of Pop’s trademark wordplay.

“This Glock up on me holds 6-0/Have ’em dancin’ like Calypso/I’m a big belly Woo boy/My stomach look like a hippo,” raps the late Brooklynite on the record. 

As you likely know, this verse was ultimately removed from “Dior” in favor of another. 

What do you think of the original verse?