Justin Bieber has been taking over pop culture lately, mainly due to the release of his brand new album Changes on Valentine’s Day which landed at number one on the Billboard 2000 a few days ago. The promo seems to be continuing as he prepares to release another future hit, this time debuting a new slickback hairstyle for his upcoming “La Bomba” music video.

Justin Bieber Debuts A New Slickback Hairstyle
Pierre Suu/GC Images

Taking a break from the shaggy style he was rocking earlier this month in New York City (seen above), Biebz was bringing the Latin lover vibes while decked out in all-red-everything from shirt to sneakers. To get fully into character, fellow pop hitmaker J Balvin joined him on set as well for what looks like another big collaboration similar to the duo’s Latino remix for the 2015 Hot 100 chart-topper “Sorry.” The clean cut look fits Justin pretty well, and we’re sure his wife Hailey and the countless amount of fans out there would agree. However, they’d probably love him either way, even if he pooped on a plate and sold it in stores as Billie Eilish so eloquently put it.

Check out the pics of Justin Bieber’s new slickback haircut below, and look out for the “La Bomba” video with J Balvin to drop in the very near future: