Two women talking at an event became social media buzz. Roc Nation hosted its annual pre-Grammy Award brunch on Sunday (January 26), and while there was much chatter about who showed up to the exclusive party, somehow a brief exchange between Rihanna and Love & Hip Hop New York star Chrissy Lampkin stole attention.

A clip of the two ladies appeared to show Rihanna telling Chrissy that she doesn’t “f*ck” with something, or someone, as they smile and whisper into each other’s ears. For some reason, people began sharing the clip by the thousands, insinuating that Rihanna and Jim Jones’s longtime girlfriend had some sort of beef. Rumors were flying in all directions even though it’s clear from the video that the ladies are just engaging in a bit of gossip of their own. In true social media fashion, it was magnified to be bigger than it actually was.

Jim Jones gave a quick nod to the viral clip on his Instagram page. He shared another clip, which he later deleted, showing a different angle of the conversation between Rihanna and Chrissy. In this video, the two are casually laughing and chatting with one another. “I got the real scoop lol,” the rapper wrote on Instagram with a crying laughing emoji. “SMH social media is [the] devil.” Whatever “the real scoop” is will remain a secret, but Jim made sure to clear the air so people don’t go around putting out false information bout his lady. The Shade Room reposted Jim’s video but they, too, deleted it as well. However, someone else snatched it up. Watch it before it disappears.