Jay-Z must feel at the peak of his power while walking around the annual Roc Nation brunch. He sees an empire he built, and sees how he can gather many of music's most talented and successful people. He sees the careers for which he helped pave the way. He sees that he's a veteran in the game, but still standing at the centre of the it. Therefore, if Hov walks around the Grammy weekend affair with a slight air of grandeur, it's totally understandable. 

As Jay was leaving the party with Beyoncé and seating themselves in their car, he was caught on video acting rather posh. Someone is heard complimenting Jay's "pink" suit, to which the legendary rapper emphatically replies, "It's mauve, bro." Before shutting the butterfly doors of his ride, he offsets the haughtiness by pulling out a pun: "It's a mauve-lous day." 

Jay actually made this same mauve joke when driving to the event with Diddy. "That's mauve, king?" Diddy asked. "It's mauve-lous," Jay confirmed. 

After the Roc Nation brunch on Saturday was the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala, where Diddy was honoured as an "industry icon." During his acceptance speech, Diddy called out the Grammys for neglecting hip hop and black music over the years