An alleged phone call between Joe Budden and Cyn Santana has leaked where Cyn claims that the podcaster physically dragged her and abused her.

Just weeks after Tahiry Jose went forward with her own abuse allegations against Joe Budden, an alleged call between Joe and Cyn is making the rounds, which was uploaded to YouTube at the beginning of September.

The call is approximately twenty minutes long. Much of it involves a conversation about their son Lexington and how they will co-parent him moving forward. Joe declares his love for Cyn, claiming that they have enough love for each other to reconcile but, the entire way through, Cyn puts her foot down and says that she just wants them to go their separate ways.

One of the claims that are catching people off-guard comes after Joe says he doesn’t want to “stalk” Cyn but that he wants to have an in-person conversation with her. She then went on to bring up an incident where the former rapper allegedly “chased” her around the house and “dragged” her.

Cyn Santana Claims Joe Budden Dragged Her In Alleged Leaked Phone Call
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“Everything that we’re discussing, I swear it would go so much different if you and I could talk,” says Joe on the call. Cyn responds that they are talking, before telling him: “Oh, you mean in person so you can chase me again and drag me? I’m good.”

Following that bombshell claim, Joe denies ever dragging her, to which Cyn suggests he was drunk and just doesn’t remember it. 

“I dragged you? I laid a hand on you and dragged you where? Where did I drag you, Cyn?” asks Joe. “You must have been drunk still, right?” responds Cyn. “No, I was not drunk. I’m very aware of what was happening. Very aware,” Joe then says, before Cyn switches the subject back to their baby.

Later on, Cyn alleges that Joe “kicked” her and their baby out of his house and has never sent them any money.

It’s unclear how the phone call was released but it definitely does not look good for Joe.

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