Joe Budden Called "Loose Cannon" By Raqi Thunda As She Denies Allegations

After Budden accused her of being the person responsible for his controversial leaked audio, Raqi has come forward with screenshots and denials.

BYErika Marie
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The leaked audio of Joe Budden and Cyn Santana continues to cause controversy. In the audio, Cyn accuses her ex-fiancé of "dragging" her, and due to the recent allegations of domestic abuse by Budden's other ex Tahiry Jose, the podcast host was called out on social media. He denied the claims from Tahiry and Cyn, and Cyn shared a video where she told the public to mind their business as her main concern was the protection of her family and her son.

Later, Joe Budden came forward with a video of his own where he accused his ex-Love & Hip Hop co-star Raqi Thunda of being the person responsible for leaking the audio. Raqi and Joe's tumultuous friendship has existed for years, and now they're at odds once again, as she has repeatedly come forward to deny her involvement in his current scandal.

To add to her defense, Raqi posted a series of screenshots allegedly between herself and Budden from 2019. She wrote a lengthy caption alongside the post where she claims that Joe Budden wanted her, as his friend, to keep tabs on Cyn. It was something that Raqi claimed Joe asked her to do after all of his relationships failed.

"YOU asked me to manage Cyn after your breakup because you thought I would help you keep tabs on her movement like where she was and who she was keeping company with. When I made it clear that as a friend to both of you I wouldn't be involved with putting her in a dangerous position to feed you info that will put you in a position to lose what you were working for because you're a known loose cannon that's when you lost your sh*t."

Raqi added, "As a woman I chose to no longer play wingman to you toxic relationships and made the choice to sacrifice me time, money, and resources to help Cyn because lord knows it was desperately needed in multiple ways!" Swipe through below to check out the screenshots and to read her lengthy diatribe.

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