This past Saturday (Feb. 15), Drew Carey‘s ex-fiancee, Dr. Amie Harwick was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after he attacked her and caused her to fall from a third-story balcony. The host of The Price is Right and Dr. Harwick originally started dating 2017. In 2018, the two announced their engagement but called it quits within a year of their relationship.

According to TMZ, the authorities were contacted early Saturday morning after a woman was heard screaming in the Hollywood Hills area. When the law enforcement officials arrived, Harwick’s roommate informed the police that she was being assaulted in their home. Upon entry of the apartment, the authorities discovered Harwick underneath a third-story balcony with injuries consistent with a fall. Dr. Harwick was rushed to the hospital but ultimately passed away from her extensive injuries. 

Evidence gathered by the police, at the scene of the crime suggests that forced entry was used and a struggle ensued within the home. Detectives gathered surveillance footage from the surrounding neighborhood and determined that the suspect was a white male dressed in black. 

Investigators were also informed that Dr. Harwick had growing concerns about an ex-boyfriend of hers that caused her to get a restraining order against him. According to the cops, the restraining order became void approximately two weeks ago and Harwick even came into contact with her ex-lover. 

Eventually, the police were able to locate and arrest Harwick’s ex, Gareth Pursehouse, Saturday afternoon. Pursehouse was charged with murder and is currently awaiting trial.

Upon hearing the news that his ex-fiancee was murdered, The Price is Right shut down production so their host, Drew Carey can mourn. Rest in power, Dr. Amie Harwick.