We should've known he descended from royalty. It turns out that the kid who became a viral sensation at a D.C. protest on the night of Trump's inauguration is the son of a celebrity. The father of 11-year-old Connor, the brave young man who turned TF up on a Fox News reporter and said "screw our president" on live TV, is none other than comedian and current host of The Price Is Right Drew Carey. 

Connor was revealed to be part of the Carey family in a new report from TMZ, and the website has the father-son pics to prove it. The unsuspecting Fox News reported spotted Connor when he was next to a burnt-out fire in the middle of the street. Connor boldly corrected the reporter for calling him "Carter" and for assuming that he was merely a participant in the fire and not the primary instigator. 

"Why'd you start that fire," asked the reporter, prompting a cogent response from the young activist: "Because I felt like it, and because I'm just, uh, saying, screw our president!" 

Drew and Connor's mother reportedly chided their son for his brash TV appearance, reports TMZ. They had a chat with him about the viral incident, and Connor now regrets "his choice of words," according to a source close to the Careys. The boy was apparently caught up in all of the emotions that were alive in the streets on that historic night. 

Drew Carey was also spotted at the protests that night, though he was not actively involved like his son. In fact, he was only there because his son had expressed interest in everything that was going on. "I was just on the street, having dinner, and my kid wanted to see it," Carey told TMZ on the same night. Connor was nowhere to be seen while Drew was being questioned, and apparently his dad had let him run off to survey the scene for himself. 

"I told him to come find me if anything happened," said Drew, not worried about his 11-year-old finding trouble in the D.C. streets. He won't underestimate his son's rabble-rousing abilities from now on, but still, we feel that Connor's career as a revolutionary is just getting started.