JT invited fans to ask her anything for a Q&A session on her Instagram, but apparently that did not include anything that might imply that she’s dating her boss, Pierre “Pee” Thomas. On Tuesday, the City Girl shared a post asking fans to send her questions for her to answer in a Q&A video on Thursday. “Ask me whatever without being blocked I’m gonna pick the best questions & answer them on video Thursday!” she instructed. “Take advantage.”


Plenty of users flooded the comments with their most desperate inquiries, including JT’s other half, Yung Miami, who asked her, “What are you most excited about? Are you nervous? What are you looking forward to the most?” However, it looks like one fan hit a nerve with JT, after asking about the status of her relationship with Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the CEO of Quality Control Music where the City Girls are signed. “Please don’t feel no type of way about me asking this question,” the fan wrote, “but all you post is Pierre and I’m getting vibes like that’s your new boo.”


“I’m here for it because I Fuxk with you I love you @thegirljt,” they continued. “Are you two in a relationship?” JT made the answer to this question very clear, but still let the fan know that she’ll be addressing the topic in the Q&A video. “Girl I can’t wait til Thursday for YOU you asked me this 10 mutha f*ckin times & the answer is HELL NO!” JT exclaimed. “I don’t know what makes you or anybody else think this but get that out your head!!!!” City Girls have been signed to Quality Control since 2017, so it makes sense that JT would want to avoid mixing business with pleasure by entering into any kind of relationship with the label’s CEO.