Jameela Jamil is all about a healthy self-image and body positivity, but sometimes, she seems to lose perspective a bit. The actress was widely criticized on Twitter for coming after rapper, Cupcakke, claiming that Cupcakke’s tweet about her “month-long water fast” results was promoting an unhealthy message. “The dangers are immense, and it will harm your metabolism,” Jameela tweeted. “It’s just very unsafe.” 

Twitter users were quick to condemn Jameela’s approach to the issue, many citing Cupcakke’s public mental health struggles earlier this year as a reason to tread lightly in circumstances like these. “Cupcakke has been THROUGH it and jameela jamil getting on her case about her taking part in risky health practices without an ounce of concern doesn’t sit right with me at all,” user @jerkhvggis tweeted. Another user, @chrislieeeeefelt that Jameela could have messaged the rapper privately instead of publicly shaming her, replying to Jameela’s now-deleted tweet with “…while i totally agree with you that this is a toxic thing to promote i think this is something that could have been said to her via DM. it seems like she’s gone through a lot these past few months w/ her mental health & idk that putting her…on blast is the best idea.” 

Jameela Jamil Criticizes Cupcakke's "Month-Long Water Fast" Weight Loss Technique
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Another user took a similar yet more critically in-depth perspective, discussing the relevance of Cupcakke as a black woman struggling with body image and a suspected eating disorder. @IWriteAllDay_ tweeted: “Eating disorders look different on Black women and the conversation is wildly different when it comes to us,” further elaborating that, “if you are not a Black woman, you have no place in a conversation about BW & the adversarial relationship we are taught to have with our bodies.” This user seems to be expressing that Jameela, as a non-black woman, should not be coming after a black woman’s health choices in such a manner because the actress cannot understand the different struggles black women face when it comes to their bodies. The user went on to say that “If C*pc*kKe were a White woman, this convo would look different.”

Jameela Jamil Criticizes Cupcakke's "Month-Long Water Fast" Weight Loss Technique
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Jameela later retracted her initial statements, tweeting: “This goes beyond not just being so careless as to quote tweet someone whose context and life you’re unaware of. But also, being extra careful to not pile on to Black women, who are already piled onto, ignored and policed the most. I hear all the criticism. I see my f**k up.” She followed this with: “I know I there’s more work to do, and in particular on this discussion of eating disorders and body expectations of BW, I will work to bring more light to this conversation from this community.”