The internet is a tricky place. Trolls, hackers, and stans make it hard to discern the truth from fiction. The raunchy Chicago rhymer Cupcakke took to Twitter on Monday to announce that she is contemplating taking her own life. "Im about to commit suicide," wrote the rapper before disappearing from social media and not responding to her thousands of fans commenting on the tweet. Rapper's publicists are usually very quick at making sure tweets like these are taken down immediately, but it has been several hours and the tweet is still live. 

Mental health was the biggest discussion in 2018. After watching so many beautiful and talented people pass away in the last two years, the world began to examine mental health more thoroughly. The examination proved to be a wake-up call for entire cultures, especially in places where being called "crazy" was just a throwaway term. Cupcakke's tweet may show her own battles with mental health, but others believe it could be a hacker. One Twitter user pointed out the differences in Capcakke's usual punctuation. "Guys. this doesn't sound like cupcakke," the user wrote. "She always uses apostrophes in her tweets. this doesnt have one in "I'm". also it was tweeted from the twitter web client. something is wrong." For anyone who can reach out to Cupcakke at this moment, it may save a life.