If you’ve been praying for some new music from talented lyricist Joyner Lucas, you may be holding out for a while. The Massachusetts-bred emcee has been teasing his upcoming album ADHD for what seems like forever and even though we’ve heard a good chunk of the project’s songs, it still might not be coming out for a while. Joyner Lucas hinted as much on social media when he explained what’s been taking so long, telling his audience that it should be out within the next half-decade.

Joyner Lucas Seemingly Delays "ADHD" Until 2024
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

As reported by Genius, the celebrated rapper published a post on Facebook reminding his fans that not everyone will be on your side. “Always remember this… you cannot please everyone. You must make the best choices suitable for your current position in life and for the future of you and your loved ones,” he said. “Your Sanity is more important than anything. With success comes a lot of responsibility and even heartache. When “more money more problems” came out in 97 I had no idea what that song meant. I lost a lot of family and friends due to success and what comes with it. Anybody on the outside looking in only sees the surface level and thinks they are cut out. A lot of you aspiring artists & up and comings have no idea what lies beneath the surface. The ones who aren’t cut out for this will drive themselves crazy and it will effect your mental health unless you get rid of the bad cancer. I made a lot of personal choices that freed me of my sanity and it’s honestly some of the best choices I ever made. I don’t regret a single thing and I’m more happy and positive than I ever been. If you find yourself drowning in the pressure of trying to please everyone, my advice is this…. you were born alone and you will die alone. Do what’s best for you and the ones you truly love and care about. Everybody else can eat a dick.”

He continued by giving us a timetable as to when we can expect his debut album to arrive, writing that it’ll take “another 5 years.” Right on cue, Joyner’s Wikipedia profile has already been edited to list ADHD releasing in 2024. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait that long. HNHH has reached out to Joyner Lucas’ team for comment.