Joyner Lucas hasn't been slacking this past year. After gaining mainstream attention for his divisive song and video for "I'm Not Racist," he continued to put out an impressive amount of music including collaborations with Chris Brown and Eminem. Now, the rapper is getting ready to release a new project titled, ADHD.

Joyner Lucas announced that his new project, ADHD today and revealed that it's coming soon, although he didn't specify a date. The rapper revealed that the title of the project comes from the fact that he was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. He explained how the people surrounding him, including his own parents, made him feel like he wasn't normal because of the diagnosis, which ultimately led him to get into trouble and sent to alternative school after he was expelled. 

"I can’t even count how many times I have been told that I wouldn’t amount to anything. Creating music was and always has been my only therapy," he wrote on Instagram. "This project is my big FUCK YOU to any and everybody who never thought I wouldn’t make it this far. My big FUCK YOU to anybody who has ever stood in my way. My big FUCK YOU to anybody who ever shitted on me on my way up. That goes to family, friends, enemies, ex girls, teachers, principals, police, judges, or anybody who told me I wouldn’t get here. The kid with “ADHD” did it."

With the project set to arrive soon, Joyner Lucas revealed that he'll be dropping a video for the first single off of the project on October 17th. Keep your eyes peeled for that.