It’s clear that Big Sean does not want any parts of a Hot Girl/City Boy Summer. The rapper recently shared that he’s been working on himself by taking time out to focus on his mental health, spiritual health, healing, and anxiety.  He said that the process has benefited him not only personally but professionally, as he’s stated he’s currently making the best music of his life.

Sean’s internal work has made him more reflective of how he’s gone about navigating relationships. He tweeted, “In this hot girl summer I’m just tryna find a wife 🤷🏾‍♂️.” The responses came in swiftly and many weren’t kind as they blamed him for his breakup with singer Jhené Aiko. “This man out here acting like he didn’t have Jhene and fumbled the bag,” one person wrote. While Sean ignored many of the replies, he took the time to address this one.

In a time where many other celebrities make headlines for their savage clapbacks, Sean was polite with his rebuttal. “She’s amazing!” he said of Jhené. “I didn’t fumble anything but I can see from how things can look from the outside looking in. It’s all love though, that’s what you don’t understand.”

Back in May, Jhené released her single “Triggered,” a song that went through the details of an emotional breakup. Many people associated her heartache with her previous relationship with Big Sean, and soon after the single dropped, the rapper received backlash on social media. Since then, Sean and Jhené have spent time together and even shared a beach moment on Instagram, but fans still held tight to the belief that the Detroit emcee broke the singer’s heart. However, Jhené came forward to say that “Triggered” wasn’t a diss song but “a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak. No one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment.” 

Meanwhile, we can only imagine what Big Sean’s DMs look like right now after that “wife” comment. You can listen to “Triggered” here.