Bow Wow has been one of those figures in hip-hop over the last few years who has polarized fans and has been hit with some pretty hefty criticism at times. He reached the peak of his fame over a decade ago and since then, it has been hard for Shad Moss to really get his footing in the rap game. Sometimes, this has led to some public outbursts and some questionable performances. Bow Wow recently got to perform at a night club and in the middle of his song with Ciara called “Like U,” he paused for a brief moment to say “I had this b**** first.” Of course, this is in reference to the fact that Bow Wow dated Ciara over a decade ago.

Since dating Bow Wow, Ciara had an unsuccessful union with Future and eventually married NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Bow Wow’s proclamation was truly bizarre and elicited some reactions from those commenting on the post.

Even T.I got involved commenting “Damn Cuzz…just damn!!” It’s clear that people weren’t feeling Bow Wow’s disrespect and some even called him corny for it. 

Bow Wow’s call-out was certainly uncalled for especially since they haven’t been together in over ten years. In many ways, it feels like Ray J’s outbursts about Kim Kardashian back in the day.