Whilst in America, Kim Kardashian is as studious an intern as you’ll find in the field of law – taking on all comers: Max B’s bid for early parole, wielding pressure on Donald Trump to have A$AP Rocky released from custody in Sweden, and the list goes on. That said, Kim Kardashian isn’t one to drag her unending work-rate with her on vacation.

As the following Instagram posting aptly demonstrates, Kim Kardashian’s cosmetic enhancements do fare well in the wild. Kim posted this as the caption to convey her longing for Costa Rica’s reputed “Pura Vida” lifestyle. “#FBF Take me back please #CostaRica,” she wrote.


Surely, Kim Kardashian’s improbable silhouette is on public record. In fact, the Costa Rican vacation in question dates back to the winter of 2017, when she last posted an FBF depicting herself and her half-sisters in an array of bikini-clad poses. It would seem that Kim Kardashian, as busy as she’s ever been on the business front, experiences these longing feelings in intervals of two years. Here’s to hoping the burden of her workload eases up so she can book herself a return-leg trip.

Costa Rica is not an island, and neither is Kim remotely close to becoming an ace attorney like her father Robert Kardashian, but who cares… America’s reigning monarchy doesn’t play by the same rules as the rest of us. A one-two bender in Costa Rica doesn’t appear to be outside the realm of possibility. Then again, Kim wears the hat of a single mother when Kanye’s off in his thoughts. Let’s just enjoy this Flashback reel for as long as it remains at the top of her Instagram feed, shall we?