The two leading storylines for this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood are centered around romantic relationships. The first is about producer A1 and his crumbling marriage with singer Lyrica as they try to navigate their way back to a happy home following his infidelity. The second is focused on the controversial relationship between B2K’s Fizz and his girlfriend Apryl Jones who also happens to be the mother of his bandmate Omarion’s two children.

Moniece Slaughter Blasts "L&HH" For Exploiting Mental Health Struggles
Maury Phillips/Getty Images

The latter group also has another name that’s been affected by this unlikely romantic scenario: Moniece Slaughter. She and her ex Fizz have done their best at co-parenting, but it’s been a difficult journey for both of them. In recent years Moniece has become more open about her mental health struggles but on this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, she has shared that Fizz has been less than sympathetic.

Each week it seems that Moniece feels the need to share her truth on social media after an LHHH episode has aired. This time she clears up rumors brought on by the show that she suffered a breakdown in front of her son after discussing a particular incident. In a lengthy Instagram post, Moniece said that producers begged her to talk about how her mental health has impacted her son, but she was “paranoid and didn’t want to talk about it.”

“They promised me that when it came to my son and this very sensitive topic of emotional and mental health, the edit would be accurate & the narrative would be handled with care,” Moniece wrote about her son’s alleged comment of wanting a “Normal mom.” “I have always held it together in front of my son. He’s my sole motivation for pushing through at all costs. I agreed in the end because I felt like I wanted to leave the franchise, hopefully able to inspire or encourage someone who is struggling or suffering. I wanted to leave bearing my soul in hopes that my heart posture would be seen and I’d finally be given some type of understanding. That someone somewhere would feel like they were not alone.”

Read Moniece’s full explanation and watch her clip below.