It’s been an interesting last few weeks for Apryl Jones. First, she was captured in photos laying in bed next to Fizz from B2K, the same group that includes Omarion, the father of Apryl’s two children. Then, Moniece Slaughter, Fizz’s ex and mother of his son, came forward with allegations that Fizz and Apryl are not only in a relationship, but they’re living together and she’s pregnant. Later, a video went viral showing Apryl bragging about all the men in the industry who are trying to sleep with her including The Game, A$AP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, Shaquille O’Neal, and Fizz.

Apryl will even make an appearance on the next episode of Black Ink Chicago where she states that she and Ryan Henry haven’t sex…”yet.” Now that VH1 is setting the stages for their upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, they’ve roped Apryl in for a sit-down interview where she, once again, gets candid about…well…everything.

The reality star says that her return to LHHH will show a different side of her because during her first go-round she was in a relationship with Omarion and pregnant. She shared that she couldn’t have a good time with the others on the show, so she’s hoping to reveal more of her true self. She had no problem talking about her relationship with Fizz, who she calls by his real first name, Dreux.

“My relationship with Dreux, he’s someone who I’ve considered to be an angel sent into my life,” she said. “I’ve known him for some years, but we’ve definitely gotten closer over the past two to three years. He has been there through the course of the sh*t that I deal with with the father of my kids, just helping me in that aspect. I’m a single mom. I have no family in L.A. and it’s awesome to have a friend who chooses to do what’s right, to be there and support his friend, to make sure that I am healthy mentally. Honestly, he’s just an angel sent into my life and I’m just truly honestly grateful for him.”

As far as her relationship with Omarion is concerned, Apryl matter-of-factly stated that there isn’t one. She admitted that they are having difficulty co-parenting and the way they are now is the worst it has ever been. However, just because she and Omarion are on the outs doesn’t mean she’s hooked up with Fizz. According to Apryl, they’re just friends. 

“I have fallen in love with best friends before,” Apryl said. “I’m not opposed to…like I wouldn’t or couldn’t fall in love with him. But I think where we are is where we are.” She claimed that both she and Fizz are messed up from their past relationships, but if they did want to enter into something serious, they would probably go to therapy first. They have talked about their feelings for one another, but they want to go about it the right way.

She also isn’t opposed to sleeping with him, either. “A b*tch needs some d*ck and I’d rather give it to a person that’s my friend as opposed to someone who is just a guy that I’m knowing. He’s deserving of the p*ssy. Let’s just be really honest. Dreaux is definitely deserving of the p*ssy. If I decide to give it to him one day I would be proud of that because I have given guys my vagina that don’t deserve it.”

Moniece wasted no time responding to the video by commenting, “Finally. The truth. The truth I can respect. The involuntary lying to my face is what will turn me back into the old me. Cuz see a blatant lie, is worse than saying nothing at all, especially when I didn’t ask. The lie is also an insult to my intelligence.”