When you see Omarion's name trending in 2019, it's usually not a good thing. With the mess that became the B2K reunion tour, all members of the iconic group have been plagued by bad press for years. Their personal relationships are seemingly as messy as ever with Raz B getting much of the brunt a few months ago. Now though, Omarion and Lil Fizz are in all the headlines because Apryl Jones, Omarion's baby mama, is reportedly pregnant by Fizz. With all that's been said about her in recent days, Apryl decided to hop onto a live stream but that likely wasn't the best idea because she ranted for a little bit, revealing a number of celebrities that are allegedly lining up to get with her.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

During her booze-fueled live session, Apryl said that she's a celebrity because she has sex with other celebrities. Yep... that's definitely how things work. Then, she went on to list off men that are reportedly begging to get in her pants, including some of the most popular athletes and musicians in the world. "What happened to The Game? He’s right here. He texted me, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ I’ll f*ck your p*ssy. Slap it again. That’s what The Game said. The Game texts me all the time. Bitches love him and that n***a texts me," said Apryl on video. "He loves me! He respects me! Lil Fizz. I love you, Happy Mother’s Day! I respect you! F*cking Shiggy Show. F*cking Nate Robinson. F*cking Paul Pierce. F*cking Kevin Durant. F*cking anybody! Shaq — Shaquille O’Neal. Y’all so mad! It’s okay, guys! It’s okay for people to reach out and honor someone. It doesn’t mean you’re f*cking them. It just means they’re honoring you!"

She went on to name even more gentlemen, moving over to her list of rappers. "So, let me just say, I’m a celebrity because Omarion f*cked this p*ssy and I have two kids by him. And now, Lil Fizz wants to f*ck this p*ssy. And, because I’m a celebrity and because The Game wants to f*ck this p*ssy and because A$AP wants to f*ck this p*ssy," she said.

Somebody revoke her phone privileges right now... Yikes.